About Gum Tissue Grafts

At Harbor Pointe Dental of Petoskey, Michigan, Dr. David Ellsworth performs a variety of cosmetic procedures. Many patients at Harbor Pointe Dental of Petoskey have received soft-tissue gum grafts.

Designed for patients with receding gums, soft tissue graft surgery can protect both the roots and bones of a tooth from damage due to exposure. Exposed roots can cause patients to experience unnecessary sensitivity and may also lead to tooth loss if the damage becomes extensive. Gum graft surgery covers and protects the sensitive areas of teeth while also boosting patients’ self-esteem by giving them more even and attractive smiles.

During a gum graft, a dentist will take tissue from the roof of the patient’s mouth or from surrounding gum structures. The choice of source depends on the amount of tissue needed and where the dentist feels that he or she can safely remove periodontal material. For some patients, periodontal material from a tissue bank may yield better results. After sourcing the tissue to graft, the dentist attaches the tissue to the area needing treatment. After this same-day procedure, most patients require soft and cool foods for seven to 14 days as the gum heals.


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Located on West Jefferson Street in Petoskey, Michigan, Harbor Pointe Dental of Petoskey has a commitment to outstanding, highly skilled, anxiety-free dentistry. Founded in 2007, the company strives to provide patients with a relaxed, enjoyable dental experience by employing state-of-the-art equipment, the client’s choice of music, video goggles, safe and sterile procedures, and a friendly and professional team dedicated to delivering the highest level of care. Harbor Pointe Dental of Petoskey offers restorative services such as root canal therapy, tooth extractions, cosmetic fillings, scaling and root planing, and crowns and bridges, as well as cosmetic procedures including whitening, contouring, dental implants, and SmartMove tooth alignment. The practice uses digital X-ray machines, which provide patients with clearer images and minimized radiation exposure. The company focuses on patient education and makes sure that all individuals receive treatment that is tailored just for them. Harbor Pointe Dental is operated by David Ellsworth, a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, where he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery in April 2003. Dr. Ellsworth understands the importance of giving back, having experienced the benefits of volunteering directly, and he makes community service a priority. Dr. Ellsworth donates his time to Give Kids a Smile Day, the Migrant Dental Program, and the Donated Dental Services program, as well as making special visits to local schools to provide preventive education to students regarding dental health. Dr. Ellsworth is a practitioner of conscious sedation, an anti-anxiety method that provides comfortable, painless, and stress-free care to patients who dislike visiting the dentist or who have had bad experiences previously. He is also a member of DOCS Education (formerly the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation). Pricing and insurance information for Harbor Pointe Dental can be found on the company website, along with driving directions and a number of educational resources. Appointments may be arranged online at any time at HarborPointeDental.com.

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