Cosmetic Contouring for Teeth

Harbor Pointe Dental of Petoskey in Michigan provides a variety of services for the whole family. In addition to performing teeth cleanings and other preventative work designed to keep teeth and gums healthy, Harbor Pointe Dental of Petoskey performs cosmetic services, such as contouring.

Cosmetic contouring is a procedure designed to subtly reshape teeth. For minor issues, such as small irregularities in teeth shape, contouring can provide a solution. During the procedure, the dentist will use sanding tools and abrasive strips to make small changes. Afterward, the dentist will finish by polishing and smoothing out the treated areas.

While the changes that result from cosmetic contouring are minor, the procedure requires careful consideration. Patients should consider whether the contouring will provide the type of results they desire. If significant changes in tooth appearance are anticipated, contouring alone might not provide those results. In addition, patients should keep in mind that removing enamel from the teeth can lead to sensitivity after the procedure and can result in increased susceptibility to tooth breakage. To reduce the risks, individuals should get the procedure done by a dentist who is highly experienced and knowledgeable about contouring.


The Tooth Extraction Procedure

Featuring many of the latest advances in dentistry technology, Harbor Pointe Dental of Petoskey, Michigan, is well equipped to handle its patients’ varied needs. Whether a person is interested in cosmetic procedures or requires advanced work to address underlying tooth and gum problems, Harbor Pointe Dental of Petoskey can help. For example, the facility works with individuals with conditions that require tooth extraction.

There are various reasons why a tooth might need to be extracted, or removed. In cases of tooth overcrowding, for example, pulling teeth can be necessary to ready the teeth for braces. In other cases, infections can necessitate the removal of one or more teeth. While the reasons for tooth removal vary, there are certain things that most patients can expect from the procedure.

The dentist will typically start by injecting an anesthetic near the affected tooth. This will remove sensation in the area so that the patient does not feel pain during the extraction. Once anesthesia has been administered, the dentist will remove the tooth. Removal might require loosening the tooth by moving it in a back-and-forth motion. Since this can be stressful for the patient, a good dentist will make sure the patient is as relaxed and as comfortable as possible during this procedure. He or she will also address any questions the patient has beforehand.

Oral Hygiene Tips for Arthritis Patients

Harbor Pointe Dental of Petoskey prioritizes oral health education for its patients. To that end, Harbor Pointe Dental of Petoskey offers online tips on topics ranging from pediatric care to oral hygiene for patients with arthritis.

For many elderly individuals, everyday hygiene tasks like brushing and flossing teeth can become painful to the point of avoidance. For these patients, a few simple adaptations can mean the difference between good oral health and neglect-induced tooth decay. Those who struggle with holding a toothbrush, for example, may find an electric toothbrush easier to manipulate than a manual model.

Those who prefer not to purchase a new toothbrush may be able to place a tennis ball at the end of an ordinary toothbrush, thus adding an easier hand-grip. Others prefer to tie a rubber band around the handle of the toothbrush and loop the band around the brushing hand. This method relieves the brusher of the need to grasp the brush at all. Similarly, those who find it difficult to grasp floss or wrap it around the fingers may find plastic flossers beneficial. Available in a number of sizes, these devices require less manipulation than traditional flossing techniques.