Six Month Smiles, an Alternative to Traditional Braces

At Harbor Pointe Dental of Petoskey, Michigan, David A. Ellsworth, D.D.S., draws on extensive education and experience to help patients improve their oral health. Among Harbor Pointe Dental of Petoskey’s extensive range of preventive and treatment options is Six Month Smiles, a safe and affordable cosmetic braces option that fits an active adult lifestyle.

An alternative to traditional metal braces, the Six Month Smiles system involves clear brackets and tooth-colored arch wires. Custom-fabricated trays allow the dentist to position the brackets precisely and effectively, using personal models to calculate the exact tooth movement required to achieve desired results.

After the initial placement, patients return every four or five weeks for adjustments and wire tightening. Because Six Month Smiles utilizes low force movement to reposition teeth, it usually causes less soreness and discomfort than traditional braces. While typical treatment lasts six months, some patients may require as few as four months or as many as nine months.